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The Rock Lodge hosts live music every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Bringing you some of the best DJ's and live music acts from Kent and beyond.


We are also proud to host two of the most popular open stage events in Kent; 'The Rock Lodge Open Mic Night' every 2nd Tuesday of the Month and 'The Big Open Blues Jam' every 3rd Thursday of the month, all hosted by Ry Robson. 


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games nights

In addition to the live music we also host The Rock Lodge Games Night every Monday night. We've got all of your (and our) favourite video games inc. Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fifa 18, Rocket League, Golden Eye and heaps more. Xbox, Wii and a retro console with 30 vintage games.

On top of that we have all of the classic board games from Scrabble to Trivial Persuit! And we also have playing cards and dominos. AAAAAND if that isnt enough for ya, we've finally got ourselves a dart board! And we'll be giving away drinks prizes to all of the best players!!



Sport at the rock lodge

Throughout the day we show all of the top extreme sports events such as Skiing, Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Rally and MotoGP. In addition, the bar offers BT Sport showing live Top Premiership and European Football, Rugby and Cycling to name a few.

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